Heart of Clay: A Saint Darwin’s Spiritual

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Ever since Saint Darwin returned with harvested seeds from an Egyptian bush that wouldn’t burn, golem constables have worked alongside human and ghost inspectors. They patrol England’s cobblestone streets together, keeping them safe from the monsters the patron saint of scientists exposed to the world. But when inanimate golems are being trafficked by a shadowy group of businessmen dressed up in wicked smiles and sharp teeth, it’s up to the Paranormal Patrol’s newest created member – Constable Lump – to go undercover in the gaslit night and learn where his missing brethren have vanished to, without sacrificing his newfound life getting the answers.
Written by D.K. Thompson
Narrated by Rick Stringer
Voices: Ali Groves, Marck Pearlstone, Dani Cutler, and Alasdair Stuart
Art: Vincent Chong

Abney Park

Digital Juice

Dead Hunt

Vincent Chong

Murky Depths

Heart of Clay: A Saint Darwin’s Spiritual
Copyright 2010 D.K. Thompson

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2010 Rick Stringer


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  1. What track plays after the story? I’m assuming it’s an Abney Park track, but can’t seem to find which one it is and what album it’s on. Thanks

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