Our Fourth Anniversary – sort of

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Hi everyone. This post was supposed to be a celebration of our fourth anniversary, on our anniversary. Unfortunately for us, Variant Frequencies was off-line for a week and a half, we were unable to post this on the actual anniversary. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us.

On January 24th, 2006, Variant Frequencies was born. It is hard to believe that we have been going for over four years now. Many things have happened in those four years.

We started out as a showcase of the writing by Matt Wallace and Anne Stringer. Our first story was written by Matt Wallace. Another Man’s Run was released in two parts.

Another Man’s Run – part 1

Another Man’s Run – part 2

Our second story was another Matt Wallace piece. Absolution Insured was not only a great story, but it won a Parsec Award for Best Short Story. Not bad for only the second story that we produced.

Absolution Insured

After that was the beginning of the ground breaking “The Failed Cities Monologues” by Matt Wallace. This dystopian tale was told from the perspective of eight characters. It was critically acclaimed, and also appeared on Podiobooks.com.

The Failed Cities Monologues 01: Ethan

Our first story written by Anne Stringer was “Evelyn.” Evelyn, actually is two stories in one podcast episode. It is two short stories called “Any Other Name,” and “Evelyn.” Both stories are narrated by Stacey Griffith Livingston.


Over the next three years, we added more authors and won three more Parsec Awards.

Now, in our fifth season, we are bringing you even more great stories.

Thank you for listening to Variant Frequencies. We hope you have found our stories to be entertaining.

4 thoughts on “Our Fourth Anniversary – sort of”

  1. Congratulations on four excelent years, and thank you so much for the time, effort, and talent you all put into it for all of us!

    Here’s to more years of the same phenominal audio fiction!

  2. Have to admit I panicked a bit when I saw you guys were offline, thought it , might be permanent.

    Just wanted to say thanks for so many years of great stories, can’t wait to see what comes next!

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