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Obsession is close kin to determination. For one man, an alien peak seems just another obstacle capable of being conquered with the right set of tools. But any climber will tell you — you don’t want to look back the way you came.
Written by Jonathan C. Gillespie
Narrated by John Cmar

Playing for Keeps

Murder At Avedon Hill

12 Volt Theater

The Failed Cities: Hath a Darkness

Wander Radio

Copyright 2008 Jonathan C. Gillespie

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2008 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

9 thoughts on “Spired”

  1. Um… is the downloadable file supposed to be only 1.4 MB and a couple of minutes long? It seemed to promise a story, but then it just ended while the music was playing. I wondered if I hadn’t been paying attention, and thought that it might’ve been a promo, but when I listened again I got the same impression – that there was supposed to be a story there.

  2. Thank you! I did enjoy the story, even though the low frequency of the howling wind seemed to be the precise frequency needed to resonate with my particular eardrums in an unpleasant way. And I guess my Koss Sparkplugs helped making that happen as well. But I survived! 🙂

  3. Just catching up on some podcasts and caught this story on the way to work.

    LOVED IT! Great production job (as usual) but the story really grabbed me. Well done!


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