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Still want more of Matt Wallace’s writing? How about more reading by Rick Stringer? Our friends at Sci Phi – The Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy have that and more for you. Issue #1 of Sci Phi is available from their site for $7 for the download version or $13 for the print version.

How is this for a great lineup?

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. What is Sci Phi? By Jason Rennie
  3. Irwin Goes to Hell By Jason Pomerantz
  4. The Oracle in the Red Limousine by Geoffrey Maloney
  5. Requiem for a Harlequin: Two Perspectives on Time, and a Celebration of Kairos, in Three Stories by Harlan Ellison by Michael Spence
  6. You Pretty Thing by Lee Battersby (This is the story read by Rick Stringer)
    Requiem for a Silent Planet by Stephen Dedman
  7. The Big Questions Part 1 by Stephan Vladimir Bugaj and Ben Goertzel
  8. A First Look at Lookism by Ryan Nichols
  9. The Losting Corridor by Matt Wallace
  10. Epilogue by Paul S. Jenkins