Creature of God

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A botched deal. A quietly menacing, unholy, fatherly crime boss. A waking nightmare of small-time criminals, gothic bars, and neon churches. Johnny finds himself immersed in a dark, sinister underworld, struggling desperately to hold on as his humanity slips away.
Written by Jack Mangan
Voices: Heather Welliver, Kreg Steppe, John Cmar, Matt Wallace, J.C. Hutchins, Chris Lester, Seth Harwood, Neil Stringer, Scott Sigler, and Rick Stringer


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Creature of God
Copyright 2009 Jack Mangan

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2009 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

4 thoughts on “Creature of God”

  1. So good I listened to it twice. Well, I mostly did that because I got distracted a few times while listening to it the first time, so a second time was needed to clarify a few details. As always, a stellar performance! That Johnny sure was defiant, and that story sure was unpredictable. Just the way things are supposed to be. 🙂

    And you *should* get more comments. It’s just that when I’m listening to the MP3 I’m not sitting at my computer, and when I come home to it, there’s all that *other* stuff I want to check up on. Usually more stuff than I can manage before falling asleep right in front of my computer. Good thing I have a couch…

  2. Thanks. I certainly understand the difficulty with posting comments. I too don’t manage to comment on all of the podcasts that I like. We do appreciate every comment that we do get.

  3. Tremendous momentum with sinister characters that had me second-guessing from the off. Brilliant idea to bless the river and create a flowing acid bath for evil. Top work.
    I’ve taken to listening to the stories with headphones and iPod on the drive to work and it really helps the concentration and involvement levels, and to appreciate the work that goes in to the production.

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