Under The Bed

Bad Dreams. Shadows on the wall. Things that go bump in the night. Something lurks in the darkness to whisper things no child should hear. To remind young minds of things no child should remember. And to feed. It waits, hungry but patient, in the blackness under the bed.
Written by Michael Natale
Narrated by Michael A. Stackpole

Ad Astral

Fortress Draconis

Under The Bed
Copyright 2009 Michael Natale

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2009 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

15 thoughts on “Under The Bed”

  1. Splendid twist on the ‘Boogie Man’, sucking the sustenance of fear through telepathic torture amplifying infants’ fears, progressing to adolescent insecurities, an ancient palate and ghastly gastronome. A brilliantly alternative perspective on anguish and distress, well explored with a universally recognizable timeline as 9/11 is weaved into the mix.

    It was superbly narrated, Michael has a fabulous timbre to his voice.

  2. …in the words of the monster under the bed: “LOVE THAT!” This was one of the best VFs ever. Michael Natale gave me goose bumps.

  3. You know, this story just has that “something is watching” creepy feel to it. That something is violating us in our own house during our early years give the heebie jeebies.

  4. It doesn’t hurt that Michael A. Stackpole has such a great creepy voice. I really think he did one of the best readings that we have had. Thanks for the comments.

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