The End of Flesh – Part Two

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Pacs has been put on the trail of cannibal killers who’ve claimed a high-profile victim: the son of a controversial city councilman. His investigation brings “Busboy” face-to-face with Rosalie Barello, sister to the deceased. Beautiful and enigmatic, will she prove to be his strongest ally . . . or his prime suspect?
Written and narrated by Matt Wallace

The Next Fix

Playing For Keeps

Scott Sigler’s “Contagious”

The End of Flesh
Copyright 2008 Matt Wallace

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2008 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

2 thoughts on “The End of Flesh – Part Two”

  1. Just wanted to pop in and tell you all I’m really, really digging this. It’s groovy to hear Matt reading here, too. He’s got the neo-noir voice down solid.

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