Best In Class

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700 horsepower.  Leather.  Fusion-based drive system.  And good intentions.
Written by Jonathan C. Gillespie
Narration by Chuck Tomasi
Artwork by Paul Drummond


Dragon Page With Class


The Failed Cities Monologues

Murky Depths

Paul Drummond

Best In Class
Copyright 2008 Jonathan C. Gillespie

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2008 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

10 thoughts on “Best In Class”

  1. While I am a big fan of your work I was very disappointed you didn’t do anything for Halloween. The Rut was one of my favorite scary stories that October and I was really looking forward to seeing what you would do this year. As for this story, it was interesting, the idea of AI’s coming into daily life is usually fun for me.

    From your outro I take it you’ll be back in December, so I look forward to a Matt Wallace Christmas!

  2. That is interesting. I had considered “Under The Bridge Downtown” as our creepy Halloween story, since it was the October story. I guess the timing of when it came out didn’t work for that.

    Sorry we disappointed you. I loved this story, and think it is very good. We wanted to release it on November 1st so that it would match up with the Murky Depths issue.

    We will do our best to not disappoint you next time.


  3. Cool story and great read by Chuck. Miss him & Kreg on ChuckChat but still great to hear him orating again.

  4. I must confess, this one didn’t work for me. The transition from guy having the last cool car on Earth to guy goes crazy trapped inside the “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t let you do that” car lacked much of a natural progression. The guy seemed to get freaked out to early and to easily for me to buy it.

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