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Every twelve hours the light above his door burns bloody and bright. Every twelve hours a new batch rolls off the genetic assembly line, the saplings that will grow into a new human race. And every twelve hours Lofgren Stenz must delve, deep beneath the surface of our shared consciousness. The purpose of the delve is simple: To cleanse human nature of its lesser angels, the savage beasts that long ago were given form . . . and nearly destroyed us all.
Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Rick Stringer
With Chuck Tomasi, Anton Buntic, Neil Stringer, and Leann Mabry

Tag in the Seam
Tony’s Losing It

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

8 thoughts on “Delve”

  1. This story beats firstborn. Matt has done a great job in its writing. Great way to expand skills!!

    Dammit Rick – you are setting the bar awfully high AGAIN!!!

  2. I’m always gonna be a sucker for space opera. Especially master crafted and produced space opera. Amazing job everyone. Thank you so much.


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