The Last Frequency

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Podcasts – Variant Frequencies
Podcasts – Variant Frequencies
The Last Frequency

Spend a night in the far reach with Sherk Maxwell, doctor of broadcast journalism. Sherk is humanity’s last voice of dissent, set forth on a mic and beamed out across deep space to every rift-tripper and manic ET roaming the great void. But as the same slimy threat that evacuated Earth encroaches on Dr. Maxwell’s weird corner of the big black, will it signal the final broadcast of mankind’s last frequency? You’ll have to tune in to find out…

Written by: Matt Wallace
Narrated by: Evo Terra
Music by: Cagey House, Neil Stringer & Greg Seaman, Rick Stringer, and The Traverse Symphony Orchestra

Variant Frequencies Copyright 2006 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace
July 2006