7th Son: Descent coming out in print

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J.C. Hutchins is about to rock the publishing world with the print version of 7th Son: Descent. I’ve already told you how much I admire Hutch’s work. Hutch is one of the pioneers in podcast fiction. He released his entire 7th Son trilogy in 2006 and 2007 to prove that he could find an audience. He did exactly that, found an audience. But the mission isn’t finished. We need to help him get the rest of the trilogy published. Right now, only 7th Son: Descent is guaranteed to be published by St. Martin’s Press. The other two books are dependent on how well this one does. So, I’m asking you to go to JCHutchins.net to order 7th Son: Descent.

Hutch is once again creating new ways to promote his fantastic writing. You can get an EP recorded by one of the characters. John Smith’s “Anyman” EP can be found here:


There is so much more to explore on his site:

  • A brand-new podcast recording of the “print edition” of the novel (with new scenes, twists, and character tweaks)
  • A prequel audio short story anthology called 7th Son: 7 Days
  • Serialization of the novel in PDF at my site, and the text at BoingBoing.net
  • Free songs written and performed by John Smith, the musician character in the book
  • And more

I think Hutch is one of the best new writers out there. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you have not read or listened to his work. There is no excuse. It is available in just about any form that you want, and maybe even soon, on film.

Here is the promo for 7th Son: Descent.