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Recently, our friends Chuck and Kreg from Technorama went on a behind the scenes tour of The Star Trek Experience.

Here is what they had to say on their site, and a link to their show:

While Chuck and I were in Last Vegas for the New Media Expo 2008, we knew that we had to make a special stop while we were there..The Star Trek Experience.

For 10 years The Star Trek Experience located at the Las Vegas Hilton has been captivating trekkers/trekkies with an immersive world that literally drops you from one reality into another walking down corridors and right onto the bridge of the enterprise. Well the time has come for it to move along, but before that happened Chuck and I had the opportunity to take the ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour and take you along with us.

If you are a Star Trek fan, then it is well worth checking out.

Part One:

Part Two: