Penny Ante

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It’s just a friendly, low stakes game of five card draw. Sure, it’s a weird place for poker, but don’t let that bother you. We don’t bet much because we don’t have much. We’re a little picky about who we let sit in, but it looks like you’ll meet the qualifications, and we need some new blood in the game. You in?
Written by Anne Stringer
Narrated by Ian Jones

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Penny Ante
Copyright 2009 Anne Stringer

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2009 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

6 thoughts on “Penny Ante”

  1. Incredible writing by Anne! (though I’d loved to have heard more about ‘The Ohio Kid) Throughout, the voice work by Ian is capable, convincing and clever. (especially after a highly recommended repeated listening!)
    “Penny” is on par with a really great episode of an ‘Outer Limits’ or a ‘Tales From the Crypt’ which to fans of the genre, should speak volumes. Kudos guys. Nice implementation of Digital Juice’s audio library too!

  2. Good call by the above commenter on the anthology show references, although this strikes me more like a late 60’s Twilight Zone. I could see Burgess Meredith dealing in this game. In any case, Anne’s really come into her own as an author. Between this and her offering in SPACE GRUNTS you can really see a genre-crossing badass scribe emerging.

  3. One thing struck me: the name “Gutierrez”. Same name as the President in “Contagious”, and also the same name as the brother of the protagonist in “Archangel”. Quite a popular hispanic name in podcasts, apparently, and that made me kind of curious. Googling the name turned up a variety of hits, and since it means “Son of Gutierre”, I suppose it’s just a really common name overall. Then again, perhaps there’s this really cool dude named “Gutierrez” who inspires writers to use his name in their fiction? 🙂

    Thanks for the stories!

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