A few weeks from retirement, a scientist looks back at her wasted life with regret. Now, at the end of her career, she is offered a chance to make a real difference to someone. But she’s been safely sheltered for so long… will she take the risk of a lifetime?
Written by Anne Stringer
Narrated by Marilyn Taylor

J.C. Hutchins’ The Brink

Angel Between the Line Auditions

Balticon 43

Copyright 2009 Anne Stringer

The Amarant Collection
Copyright 2009 Anne Stringer and Rick Stringer

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2009 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

6 thoughts on “Prisoners”

  1. I felt this concept was the one thing missing from this series so far. After all the stories you’ve done so far, I began to wonder, what would happen if the government found out about one of these people?
    Glad to have the answer to that question.

    Though you’ve done a few immortals with a penchant for violence, I am rather curious to see an immortal professional criminal of some kind (Life Sentence had more of an amateur criminal). Any possibility of that sometime?

    Keep up the great stories!

  2. I completely agree with David. It was nice to see a spin on this that allowed the mortals to be well aware of the amarant’s condition. Great characters, here, too. I thought this piece was real solid. Nice work.

  3. Great story. And I’m not familiar w/ the Amarant so I can tell you it stands alone beautifully. (And I look forward to listening to the series…I assume it’s in the archives?)

  4. Thank you devora. If you want to check out the rest of the Amarant Collection, just click on the link in the left column of this page on “Amarant Collection” under “CATEGORIES.” There you will see all of our Amarant stories.


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