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Deck GibsonDeck Gibson: Far Reach Commander is back on Decoder Ring Theatre. They are running the second of six new episodes, Deck Gibson and Two Days on the Tundra of Terror by Matt Wallace.

Here is the description from their site:

Responding to a faint distress call brings Deck to a frozen wasteland of a planet. With bone-chilling temperatures and blinding blizzards, surely nothing could have survived in such an environment… Or could it? Isoloated from the Far Reach One, far from help, far from hope, Deck will find the answer to this and more questions during… Two Days on the Tundra of Terror!

As always, this is another great production by our friends at Decoder Ring Theatre. The Deck Gibson stories are a great example of Matt Wallace’s diversity. They are very different from the type of work you have heard by Matt here on Variant Frequencies. The series is old style pulp science fiction tales.