Paid In Full

She has been called whore, harlot, streetwalker, working girl, doxy, courtesan. All are true. She is also immortal. If a girl is going to live forever, she needs to have a way to support herself. But the world’s oldest profession is a hazardous one, and when her latest client’s perversion of choice is murder, she realizes that life is a gift she wants to hold on to.
Written by Anne Stringer
Narrated by Lorrie Mennenga
Music: “Division Road” by Mue Sephei


Paid In Full
Copyright 2007 Anne Stringer

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

3 thoughts on “Paid In Full”

  1. Anne Stringer is a pervert. And Mike Mennenga is a lucky, lucky man.

    Fine addition to the Amarant series. Almost as good as that other one. You know the one. It won awards and stuff. I forget the name. But this is almost as good as that one.

  2. Another nice story from the lady Stringer. And good production, too. It’s difficult to pull off stories that are almost entirely retrospective in nature, and I think Anne nailed it.

  3. Another great addition to the Amarant line. Immortal warriors (even ones with no world) are a dime a dozen. Immortal prostitutes are something to be treasured. 😉

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