Old Tricks

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Satan has come to St. Jerome’s Catholic School for Girls, and only hitwoman Patricia Sharpe, their least esteemed alumnus, can save the edifice from the Fallen Angel’s influence. But is it the Devil himself that’s taken hold of St. Jerome’s and its students, or just an ancient troublemaker up to old tricks?
Written by Matt Wallace and DM Moehrle
Narrated by Leann Mabry
With Matthew Wayne Selznick and Rick Stringer

Tag In The Seam

Brave Men Run

Murky Depths

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

8 thoughts on “Old Tricks”

  1. Not too shabby. Although not one of my favorites you guys have run, it’s still very good, and I love how the two co-authors keep the reader guessing about Bob’s true nature up until the very last moment. Good stuff. Also, excellent sense of pace.

    The narration was just terrific. Picking which of you three was most spot-on is like trying to compare different flavors of awesome-on-a-stick, but I’m leaning towards Selznick as the reigning champ this go round. He just nailed it.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. We are thrilled with both Matthew and Leann. I thought they both were perfect for their roles. Leann has that sexy voice and I found her to be very believable.

    Matthew was so low key as Bob. I just loved it. I could see how she would have been seduced by him.

    I certainly plan to have both of them back.

    As for me, I’m glad you liked it. If you are going to listen to VF, you are kind of stuck with me. ;-P

  3. When you hear there’s a story about a sexy hitwoman hunting the devil down in a Catholic girl’s school, there’s a part of you that wonders if the story can actually live up to what’s playing in your imagination.

    This one kind of kicked my imagination’s ass. Leann Mabry owned this role. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Matthew Wayne Selznick do the bad-boy thing before, but I loved him in this. The bit about the sequel to Bible was priceless. And Father Rick wasn’t too bad either 😉

    This one isn’t leaving my ipod anytime soon.

  4. Listening to Leann read this one makes me feel like I need a cigarette — and I don’t even smoke. 😉 She did an awesome job bringing Patsy to life, effectively channeling both the character’s sexuality and her violent, bitter personality.

    I had a hard time figuring out who to root for in this story; none of these people are exactly what you would call good guys. I don’t have any first-hand experience with Catholic schools, but I’ve heard some stories from women who have, and I find it disturbingly plausible that the Norse God of Mischief would find fertile ground there for his life’s work. Kudos to MWS for his deliciously smarmy portrayal of “Bob.”

    I note with some amusement that you never actually invoke his true name through the course of the story. I had a strong suspicion of who he was from his first appearance, and the off-hand references to Scandinavian cities confirmed it, but I can’t decide whether it was a good choice or not to leave the character’s identity unspoken, even in Patsy’s narration. One thing’s for sure, it definitely wasn’t Satan: he’d have been a LOT more subtle. 😉

  5. I liked this one. The voice-acting was top-notch. The only downside might have been a couple of minor spots where misplaced modifiers clouded up the narration a little bit.. (I had to listen one spot about four times to figure out what was going on.)

  6. Interesting story. One correction: John Smith – 17th Century Settler. Joseph Smith 19th Century Mormon prophet.

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