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Innocence is the best containment. The ultimate in reform for those who committed the First True Sin: Rebellion. But is an innocent mortal soul enough to contain the dark essence of a Fallen Angel?
Written by Michael Natale
Narrated by Rick Stringer
Special guests: Tee Morris, Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga, and Chuck Tomasi

The Billibub Baddings Podcast
Slice of Scifi
Radio Yesterday

Copyright 2007 Michael Natale

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

11 thoughts on “Firstborn”

  1. I’ve downloaded this for consumption on my iPod on the way to work after deciding I couldn’t put more time in at the moment. It was difficult to pull myself away after the first few minutes and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  2. The beginning gets you and keeps you listening. The characters and subject matter are presented well and are interesting. I’d like to see more on this subject from this author. This could be expanded well past a short story. I found myself asking… what happens next?!

  3. Loved this story and the different format. Extra special congrats to Michael R. Mennenga on his Ab Diel.

    I really need to add Milton’s Paradise Lost to my reading list.

  4. This is an amazing story!

    All the way through it, my sense of dread grew as I felt the inevitable conclusion draw me in. It was all in the voices, both written and spoken: the angels were all resigned, even at the start of the story. Resigned to the idea that there was no chance of redemption for anyone anymore, because the big G was gone; without evidence of a divine presence, time leached away their hope. It seemed even Raph was only continuing out of a sense of bloody mindedness.

    I find this sense of resignation fascinating in vampire stories too: when they grow so old that they lose the ability to be interested in anything. When they become resigned to the idea that there is nothing worth .. un-living for anymore. In those stories it seems to me that it is fitting and right, because it shows that even their great evil can pass.

    It this story, it is horrific – the wrong entities are giving up!

    Perhaps the only sequel story to this should fall into the same vein as Louise Cooper’s “Time-Master”.. eventually, millenna from now, the pendulum will swing the other way.. Lu will be so bored of ‘ever lasting’ dominion that he will face his own sense of resignation…

  5. I’ve been enjoying the snot out this podcast, but this one is far and away my favorite so far. (Okay, I know I’m time-travelling from a year late… but I didn’t go wandering for more audio fiction until I’d sucked the Escape Artists well dry.)

    As far as story quality, I think you guys are in a tie with Escape Artists. For production quality, you’re beating them. This episode especially. The narration was great, the mood music and sound effects subtle but definitely adding a nice environmental touch. Who was the voice of Lucifer? It was fabulous.

    Someone has to have made the comparison between this story and The Prophecy. I loved it for all the same reasons, and while somebody might validly slap the “derivative” epithet at this story, I just didn’t care. Different media, different comparisons… but this certainly beats the hell (pun unintentional) out of any of the craptastic sequels to what was an excellent movie. (And to my geek cred, I remember seeing The Prophecy and filing Viggo Mortensen away as someone I had to keep an eye on. I’m glad I was not disappointed.)

    Great stuff, I hope you guys keep at it. My perfect-world podcast would be where we take the quality that both you guys and Escape Artists has, add the production quality that you are doing better, and add in the personality that all the Escape Artists feeds have. Getting to know you guys as narrators, authors, and editors adds a lot to the mix.

  6. Wow. Thank you so much for the comments. We really appreciate it no matter when it comes. This story was a breakthrough piece for us. It was the first time that we had really attempted such a big production.

    Lucifer was played by Chuck Tomasi. Chuck does a great job. Check him out in Delve ( as well. We love Chuck, and I’m certain you will hear him again on our podcast.

  7. @Brian

    Thanks for the kind words – glad you liked it. The talent that Rick recruited to turn my little story into this awesome audio production really deserve the credit for how it turned out.

    Also – I’d be lying if I claimed The Prophecy had no influence on me or this story. Its one of my favorite movies EVAR (the first one only, you are right: the subsequent installments chewed root).

    Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer was awesome (“I love you more than Jesussssss”) and Christopher Walken is just great to watch no matter what he’s in (“See you kids. Study your math…key to the universe”).


  8. I’ve downloaded this for consumption on my iPod on the way to work after deciding I couldn’t put more time in at the moment. It was difficult to pull myself away after the first few minutes and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

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