Podcasts We Like

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This list isn’t going to be all inclusive, we just wanted to give a shout out to some of the ones we’ve listened to and liked. It’s a helluva community out there, and we’re proud to be part of it. Our encounters with other podcasters (Podders? Casties? Is there a nickname?) have been awesome. We’ve been very impressed with how much help other podcasters have been. Tim Robertson helped troubleshoot the feed. Evo Terra advised. Dave Hamilton gave us advice on getting our name out there. Our intro and promos have been played on a number of shows. DevoSpice said some nice things in his journal.

So on with the names. I found The Secrets, Michael A. Stackpole’s podcast about writing, at TSFPN, the science fiction podcast network, and tuned in. He’s got a fabulous voice, we should see if he’ll read for us! If you’re a serious writer, listen to Michael. He’s got excellent advice and seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Three of Rick’s favorites are MyMac by Tim Robertson and Chad Perry, The MacCast by Adam Christianson and The Mac Geek Gab by Dave Hamilton and John Braun. Anybody see a pattern here? All of them give reviews of the latest Mac products, so they’re a good source of information. He’s always learning something from these guys. And their presentations are entertaining.

Rick admires Escape Pod for their impressive presentations of good spec fiction, much like our own Variant Frequencies, except they have the audience we’d love to have. I’ve also listened to several of their stories and have been inspired.

Rick also listens to Dragon’s Landing Inn by Chuck Tinsley and Lonnie Ezell, Slice of SciFi by Evo Terra and Michael R. Mennenga, Manic Mondays by Tom Rockwell of Sudden Death, a comedy rap group. (He REALLY likes podcasts.) Also a couple of Firefly ‘casts, The Signal and Firefly Talk, keeping the Serenity spirit alive.

Matt likes Shadowdance: interviews, commentary and articles about fringe culture, like vampires and magic. He also listens to Velcrotroupe and Manic Mondays for their humor. He also believes that Wil Wheaton did, in fact, invent podcasting. Wheaton’s site is currently In Exile, but Matt is positive he will return.