Good Man in the Badlands on Redline Theatre

There is a fun podcast out there called Redline Theatre. I did a guest part in one of the stories. “Good Man in the Badlands” by Justin Warner, is western tale about about a man trying to do good, and save his son. It has some nice twists in it.

The story was produced, directed, and scored by Jim Bultas. Other voices in the story are: Justin Warner, Barbara Schulte, Jim Bultas, Misty Myrick, Eric Schulte, and Glen Perkins.

The crew at Redline Theatre did a great job with this story. It moves quick, and the voices are excellent. I also really liked the score by Jim Bultas. Redline Theatre is worth checking out. I’m certain that Variant Frequencies fans will enjoy it.

Good Man in the Badlands – Redline Theatre

2 thoughts on “Good Man in the Badlands on Redline Theatre”

  1. I thought the show (Redline Theater) sounded interesting, so I went to listen to it.

    I listened for two and a half minutes, and the show still hadn’t started. Just an overlong intro and a bunch of guys laughing at themselves. So I turned it off.

    That’s what I hate about so many amateur podcasts. LOTS of wasted time. Just play the show!

  2. Sorry Dan, I have no control over how other shows handle their intros. I do think the story is good. I suggest that you give it another try.


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