Adventures in Scifi Publishing

Adventures in SciFi Publishing

Matt Wallace and Mur Lafferty are guests on Adventures in SciFi Publishing. Shaun Farrell does a great job interviewing both of them. If you are a Matt Wallace or Mur Lafferty fan, then you will want to check out this podcast.

Even if you have heard other interviews with Matt and Mur, you will learn new things about both of them.

Hypericon 4

Hypericon 4 - 2008

Hypericon is returning to Nashville, Tennessee June 27-29, 2008. Hypericon is a speculative fiction convention celebrating science fiction, horror, fantasy, literature, arts, and media. Variant Frequencies will be represented by both Matt Wallace and Anne Stringer. They both are participating in panels. If you are going to be near Nashville that weekend, stop in and meet Matt and Anne. They both would love to talk to some of our listeners.

More Deck Gibson

Deck GibsonDeck Gibson: Far Reach Commander is back on Decoder Ring Theatre. They are running the second of six new episodes, Deck Gibson and Two Days on the Tundra of Terror by Matt Wallace.

Here is the description from their site:

Responding to a faint distress call brings Deck to a frozen wasteland of a planet. With bone-chilling temperatures and blinding blizzards, surely nothing could have survived in such an environment… Or could it? Isoloated from the Far Reach One, far from help, far from hope, Deck will find the answer to this and more questions during… Two Days on the Tundra of Terror!

As always, this is another great production by our friends at Decoder Ring Theatre. The Deck Gibson stories are a great example of Matt Wallace’s diversity. They are very different from the type of work you have heard by Matt here on Variant Frequencies. The series is old style pulp science fiction tales.

Latchkeepers Act Two

Latchkeepers Act Two

Alright, Matt Wallace fans. Just in case you have been living under a rock, Act Two of Latchkeepers is now on Stranger Things. I just watched it. You have to see it. Earl Newton and his crew have put together as good of a production as anything you will see on TV. Oh, that’s right, soon you will be able to see Stranger Things on TV. This thing totally ROCKS!

If you haven’t seen Act One of Latchkeepers, then you need to go here NOW!

The Next Fix Fan Art

This is just too well done to ignore. One of Matt Wallace’s fans created some historical images for The Next Fix. This stuff is very cool. Go check out Matt’s blog to see them. (Warning, for those few of you who don’t know Matt Wallace. His blog is not for the easily offended.)


Closing time. Game over. But some people think it’s more than a game. Some people don’t want to go home. They don’t have to, but they can’t stay here. Because you stay too long down here, they send the Grounders.

Written by Jonathan McGoran
Narration by Thomas “cmdln” Gideon

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