So long, and thanks for all the friends

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In 2005, I was listening to the audio book of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,” narrated by Stephen Fry. I loved Mr. Fry’s narration of the book. I wished that I could narrate even remotely as well as him. His narration did inspire me. That was what gave me the idea to produce Variant Frequencies. So, I convinced Anne and Matt to let me produce their stories for the podcast.

We had some success. I think we were well respected among our peers, and we did win four Parsec Awards. I don’t know how many other podcasts managed that feat, but I know it isn’t many. Matt and Anne both also managed to get some acclaim along with getting some of their work published.

The absolute best thing about Variant Frequencies was the friends that I made all over the world. That is the big take away for me. I’m now friends with people whom I never would have met without the podcast.

Now for the bad news. Farpoint Media is making changes. That means they won’t be hosting Variant Frequencies after August 31. First, I want to thank everyone at Farpoint Media. They have been great to us, and I truly appreciate everything they did for us. Since I have not produced a new episode of Variant Frequencies in over two years, I’ve decided it is time to let the podcast go. As of August 31, episodes of Variant Frequencies will no longer be available for download. So, if you still want to hear some of our shows that we did, now is the time. After August 31, 2012, Variant Frequencies will go dark for good.

So, with a little nod to one of my favorite authors, so long, and thanks for all the friends. -Rick