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Waiting in line is an unfortunate reality in modern life. When Frank McMurtry finds himself in a mysterious line with an eclectic group of strangers, he doesn’t want to be there…but is it better to stay, or walk away?
Written by Anne Stringer
Narration by Rick Stringer

Zombinc (The Takeover)

New World Order

Copyright 2008 Anne Stringer

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2008 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

2 thoughts on “Queue”

  1. Great story, great listen. I guess in a way we are all in the same line. Is there really a good option? I have a friend who’s suicidal lately so this story is very germaine for me. Also, got me sensing the emptiness of the prospect of invisibility, (in lieu of death/rebirth and those who are feeling invisible now, not sure how they got there, like my/our friend…), paradoxical theme, with the malaise of Anne’s Amarant characters who never get in line. Good one, Anne!

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