Full Throttle Space Tales #3: Space Grunts!

Mark your calendars! On May 14th, 2009 you will be able to get your hands on a new anthology, “Full Throttle Space Tales #3: Space Grunts,” edited by Dayton Ward. The part that really has us excited is that it contains a story by Anne Stringer and Jason McDowell.

The book is edited by Dayton Ward, best known for his Star Trek novels. He also wrote one of the stories.

Anne and Jason wrote a story called “Flashback.” You all know how good Anne’s writing is. Jason is a terrific writer, and has real war experience from his tour in Iraq. They came up with a piece about a former soldier who goes on the run for murder, and winds up in a mercenary team on a far distant colony planet. They were happy with how it turned out, and apparently so was Mr. Ward.

Anne has written many of our stories here on Variant Frequencies, and Jason wrote the Parsec Award nominated “Sacrifice.”

Here is the full list of authors and their stories in the book:

Derek Tyler Attico, “Blowback”

Robin Wayne Bailey, “Shin-Gi-Tai”

Kirsten Beyer, “Widow’s Weeds”

David Boop, “The Thing With Private Leon’s Face”

John Coffren, “Across the Endless Sea”

Jeff D. Jacques, “Rush”

Jean Johnson, “It’s Not a Game”

Alan L. Lickiss, “Granny’s Grunts”

Julie McGalliard, “98 Hill”

Nayad A. Monroe, “An Assessment of the Incident At Camp Righteous”

Scott Pearson, “Finders Keepers”

Irene Radford, “Price of Command”

Selina Rosen, “Unchained”

Bradley H. Sinor and Susan P. Sinor, “Who Stand and Wait”

Anne Stringer and Jason McDowell, “Flashback”

James Swallow, “Target Market”

Geoffrey Thorne, “Truth Metric”

Dayton Ward, “A Fresh Perspective”

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Well Told Tales: I Killed Awesome Man

I Killed Awesome ManWell Told Tales has a fun series that they have been running called “I Killed Awesome Man.” I’m a guest voice in episode 5. http://welltoldtales.com/2009/02/05/i-killed-awesomeman-episode-5/

“I Killed Awesome Man” is written and produced by Finn Colgan. It is the story a mild-mannered comic book shop clerk who accidentally kills his favorite superhero…  then must assume his identity to save the world.

It is a fun story in the style of an old-time pulp serial. Check it out, it is a lot of fun.

Visit www.ikilledawesomeman.com for more information.

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Saint Darwin’s Spirituals Artwork Shortlisted for Award

Saint Darwin\'s Spirituals artworkThe cover art for Saint Darwin’s Spirituals by D.K. Thompson has been shortlisted for the BSFA Best Art Award. The artwork by Vincent Chong was commissioned by Murky Depths for their fourth issue. Vincent and Murky Depths were both kind enough to let us use the artwork for our podcast version of the story which was released at the same time. We are excited for Vincent, and wish him the best of luck.

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Get Out and Bloat

One of our favorite authors, Jonathan Gillespie, has posted a fun Halloween story on his blog. It is also timely for the elections. Jonathan is an excellent writer, and you will see more from him here on Variant Frequencies very soon.

Get Out and Bloat

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Rick on Pseudopod

PseudopodThe latest Pseudopod story, “Front Row Seatsby Scott William Carter, features Rick Stringer as the narrator. We thing Variant Frequencies fans will like this story.

FRONT ROW SEATS by Scott William Carter

Daniel lingered in his cramped office at the University of Minnesota long after the other professors in the Math department called it a day. He was still there when all the lights under all the doors winked out and the parking lot outside his window was a bleak, snow-draped emptiness. He was at his desk when old Cal Thomas from Geography shuffled past, taking his incessant coughing with him. He stayed until the equations on shifted lattices turned to squirrelly nonsense, lines and squiggles on ruled pages, until finally he felt the thing creep into his thoughts, that black starfish wrapping its prickly limbs around whatever memories he chose to dwell upon, making his ears ring and his eyes water.

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All Good Things…

Recently, our friends Chuck and Kreg from Technorama went on a behind the scenes tour of The Star Trek Experience.

Here is what they had to say on their site, and a link to their show:

While Chuck and I were in Last Vegas for the New Media Expo 2008, we knew that we had to make a special stop while we were there..The Star Trek Experience.

For 10 years The Star Trek Experience located at the Las Vegas Hilton has been captivating trekkers/trekkies with an immersive world that literally drops you from one reality into another walking down corridors and right onto the bridge of the enterprise. Well the time has come for it to move along, but before that happened Chuck and I had the opportunity to take the ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour and take you along with us.

If you are a Star Trek fan, then it is well worth checking out.

Part One:

Part Two:

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Best Magazine or Anthology Podcast!

For the third year in a row, Variant Frequencies has won a Parsec Award! We won in the new category, “Best Magazine or Anthology Podcast.” We are thrilled and amazed that we have won again. It is such an honor to win a Parsec Award. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Variant Frequencies. We also want to thank the Parsec Steering Committee for all of their hard work in putting together a fantastic ceremony.

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A Double Dose of Matt Wallace

I don’t know if the world is ready for this one. Our two-time Parsec Award winner, Matt Wallace, (he is a finalist again this year), on both “Playing for Keeps – Stories of the Third Wave” by Mur Lafferty and J.C. Hutchin’s “7th Son Obsidian”.

Here is the scoop from both of their sites!

Playing For Keeps - Stories of the Third WaveStories of the Third Wave #16 – Pallas and Stan

I have been excited about this one for a while. Many months ago, Matt Wallace approached me to write the history of Seventh City’s most famous hero and villain, and the birth of the Academy. We talked at length about what I had in my story bible, and Matt created this fabulous epic out of it. It’s long, but so worth it. Matt, author of The Next Fix, is a fine author and a good friend. (and we share a birthday, so he’s got to be good people)

But he is my nemesis and someday I will destroy him. Just not today.

OBSIDIAN: Episode 20

August 25, 2008

7th Son: OBSIDIAN logoThe black … is back.

Today marks the debut of the second half of 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, and it’s a frickin’ doozy thanks to this week’s powerhouse author. (If you’re dying to know why OBSIDIAN was on hiatus, listen to the intro of the most recent UltraCreatives interview with author/podcaster Mur Lafferty.)

Meet Matt Wallace. He’s as tall as a tree and as dangerous as Killdozer — because Everyone Knows a Machine Cannot Kill. Except the Machine. Ferociously talented, Matt is a Parsec Award-winning author — whose short story Delve is nominated for a 2008 Parsec for short story — and is best known in the podcasting community for The Failed Cities Monologues and countless contributions to the exceptional short story podcast, Variant Frequencies.

Matt is also a screenwriter, and is currently working on several short- and long-form fiction projects. His short story anthology The Next Fix, published by APEX Publications, is currently available for purchase. Try Amazon.com. It will make your head explode.

This week, Matt Wallace brings us Receiver. In addition to being a perfect representation of his gritty, kick-you-in-the-balls, tear-out-your-jugular prose, Receiver is also the first full-length short story that Matt Wallace has read in podcasting. The audio was produced by Rick Stringer, creator of the Variant Frequencies podcast. Learn more about Matt’s work at Matt-Wallace.net, and find Variant Frequencies at VariantFrequencies.com.

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Tea and Chat

Anne and I had a wonderful time talking with Stephen Kilbride, the host of the excellent Tea and Chat podcast. So, you want to know more about how we started Variant Frequencies? Here is your chance. If you liked it, please let Steve know.

Also, if you haven’t heard it yet, Steve recently interviewed Matt Wallace.

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Adventures in Scifi Publishing

Adventures in SciFi Publishing

Matt Wallace and Mur Lafferty are guests on Adventures in SciFi Publishing. Shaun Farrell does a great job interviewing both of them. If you are a Matt Wallace or Mur Lafferty fan, then you will want to check out this podcast.

Even if you have heard other interviews with Matt and Mur, you will learn new things about both of them.

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