Survivor Guilt

  • A wounded man finds himself driven underground, into the purgatory of tunnels that honneycomb the ruined earth. Battling for a life he knows he’s already lost, he is haunted by fever dreams of a time before the Accident: of blue skies, green grass, of his long-dead mother. If the rats don’t get him, if the poison coursing through his veins doesn’t kill him, there are worse things hidden in the depths. Worst of all may be the answers to the questions that have haunted his whole lifeā€¦
    Written by David Tallerman
    Narrated by TD-0013

    Digital Juice

    Sound Effects

    A Different Point of View

    The Seeker Cast

    How To Grow Your Geek

    The DragonLance Canticle

    Survivor Guilt
    Copyright 2010 David Tallerman

    Variant Frequencies
    Copyright 2010 Rick Stringer