Get Out and Bloat

One of our favorite authors, Jonathan Gillespie, has posted a fun Halloween story on his blog. It is also timely for the elections. Jonathan is an excellent writer, and you will see more from him here on Variant Frequencies very soon.

Get Out and Bloat

Under The Bridge Downtown

The worst part about his daughter’s death wasn’t the terror of seeing half a ton of concrete separate from a bridge and smash through their windshield. It wasn’t even the deafening crunch when the fragment pulped Jessie’s head and sent her blood splattering over his cheek. It was his initial reaction once the shock wore off.
Written by Gary A. Braunbeck and Matthew Warner
Narration by Matthew Warner

Digital Juice

The Failed Cities Monologues

Moon Wraith

Under the Bridge Downtown
Copyright 2008 Gary A. Braunbeck and Matthew Warner

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