The Destruction of Sennacherib

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19th century London. A place and a history much like the one we know, and yet changed. As a separist army stands poised for war, two words will determine just how far its course will deviate. Lethal Configuration. It’s the key to saving an empire . . . or annihilating one.

Written by Bryn Sparks
Narration by Marck Pearlstone and Ali Groves

Abney Park

Laura’s MIDI Heaven

Brave Men Run


Brains Matter

Requiem of the Outcast

The Destruction of Sennacherib
Copyright 2008 Bryn Sparks

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2008 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

5 thoughts on “The Destruction of Sennacherib”

  1. The tone of this story reminded me a lot of H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, with the whole 1800’s time traveler recounting his/her story thing.

    I guess it was pretty entertaining. Not the most original story ever.

  2. Steampunk, time travel, and Abney Park! What’s not to love? Really enjoyed this one. Another fine episode.

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