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Order InfectedOur friends J.C. Hutchins and Seth Harwood put together this audio file specifically for the Variant Frequencies listeners. They are trying to help Scott Sigler make it onto the New York Times Best Seller List. The thought behind this push is that if we can get Scott Sigler’s Infected onto the NY Times list, then that is going to help all fiction podcasters.

Scott Sigler


Tex’s Last Run

Savage circumstances can make for strange allies. And sometimes, those allies shouldn’t exist.
Written by Jonathan C. Gillespie
Narrated by Rick Stringer, P.G. Holyfield, and Anne Stringer

Murder at Avedon Hill

Matt Wallace’s The Next Fix

Tex’s Last Run
Copyright 2008 Jonathan C. Gillespie

Variant Frequencies
Copyright 2008 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace


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