Feral Twins Super Fans!

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At Dragon*Con 2007 we met two amazing fans of The Failed Cities Monologues. Those of you who go to Dragon*Con know that there are many people who show up there in costume. Well, these two people showed up dressed as Ferus and Fera, the Feral Twins, from The Failed Cities Monologues. Here are the photos.


We are so honored that these two showed up at Dragon*Con in costumes from our story.

The Feral Twins

Slava and Julie as Ferus and Fera.

Also, take a look at Matt’s LiveJournal or MySpace pages.

8 thoughts on “Feral Twins Super Fans!”

  1. You know, Matt…Scott gave me the brilliant idea of dressing up as Perry Dawsey next year…what do you think? Truck or Perry?

  2. I think you should devote Saturday to your best knife-slinging neo-hipster impression, and Sunday to yet another one of Sigler’s crazy ass jock protagonists.

  3. Cool, just wondering when the next variant frequency story will be out? Its been about a month since the last one.

  4. Yeah, I know we are late. I got really sick after Dragon*Con. I’m better now, but that put me way behind. I’m planning to have the next story out next week.

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