Feral Twins Super Fans!

At Dragon*Con 2007 we met two amazing fans of The Failed Cities Monologues. Those of you who go to Dragon*Con know that there are many people who show up there in costume. Well, these two people showed up dressed as Ferus and Fera, the Feral Twins, from The Failed Cities Monologues. Here are the photos.


We are so honored that these two showed up at Dragon*Con in costumes from our story.

The Feral Twins

Slava and Julie as Ferus and Fera.

Also, take a look at Matt’s LiveJournal or MySpace pages.

Delve Poster

Variant Frequencies’ author Matt Wallace just keeps rolling along.

He was given permission to share this amazing mock-up Precision Pictures had done to promote Delve – the feature film project they’re developing based on his short story of the same name. This is one of the ways they’re enticing the big studios to get behind the production.

Delve Poster

It was created by master visual effects artist Ian Brown, the man responsible for those sweeping shots of turn-of-the-century Paris at the beginning of Moulin Rouge! and one of the many talented Aussie effects people who brought the Lord of the Rings trilogy to life.

Feel free to plaster this thing any and everywhere you can. The word is “buzz” and every little bit helps.

Way to go Matt!

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