The Dead Man and The Berserk

We know transhumanism as a philosophical concept, but in one techno-genetic future they’ll come to know it as a plague. And if you think the disease is deadly, wait until you meet the cure…
Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Scott Sigler


Murky Depths

Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

Bloody Monday

Today is Monday, Bloody Monday, and we’re celebrating with a special
episode to tell you, our fans, all about it.

I know that many of you are familiar with Scott Sigler, one of the
pioneering voices in podcast fiction and author of the hit podcast
novels Earthcore, Infection, and The Rookie. Now Scott’s most
subversive work, Ancestor, is coming out in print. And on April 1st,
2007, Scott wants to help prove the worth of podcasting to the
literary publishing industry by seeing Ancestor hit number one on To help bring you to the cause, Scott is offering Ancestor
in its entirety as a free .pdf download. It’s his hope, and ours, that
this will entice you to buy the novel when it’s released.

Ancestor is horror and suspense at its most raw, a manic fusion of
Michael Crichton and William Burroughs. On behalf of the entire
Variant Frequencies team, I want to encourage all of our fans to
support Scott by logging into Amazon on April 1st and purchasing a
copy. And in the meantime, enjoy Scott’s gift of this free Ancestor
.pdf. Read it, distribute it, blog about it. Help all of us who
podcast fiction show the world that what we’re doing works.

Thank you.

Get Scott Sigler’s “Ancestor” as a FREE PDF file!

Then buy it on April 1, 2007.

Failed Cities Monologues 26: The Maven

For street mediators and their watchers, life and death lives in a shot glass placed over a smashed steel slug. Only one among their ranks can wrap up the story of the Failed Cities.

The Maven is about to have the last word, and if you’ve come this far, you owe it to yourself to listen…

Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Jan Dalton

Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

No World for Warriors

War remains a constant throughout human history. How we wage war does not. When a man that has battled with Spartans, Celtic barbarians, and Mongol hordes joins today’s techno military, the question becomes: Is there a place for warriors among soldiers? And when you’ve seen the rise and fall of a thousand nations and empires, can war still hold any meaning?

Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Rick Stringer

Wander Radio

7th Son

Copyright 2007 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace

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