Failed Cities Monologues 15: Constable Klimenko

A new detective’s shield, an old suit, and a lethal case no one else wants. It’s not the way Valeri Klimenko, the former constable, wants to start out his night. But they may have all underestimated this simple young man from the Ukraine, who’s been pushed just about as far as he’s willing to go by the powers that be.

Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Anton Buntic

The Time Traveler Show:

Copyright 2006 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace
September 2006

Parsec Award Winners

I wasn’t going to do a bragging post about our Parsec Award, but then I saw this picture. Back row left, that’s Matt Wallace, author of the winning story, Absolution, Insured, and Rick Stringer, producer of the podcast and narrator of the story.

They’re in excellent company. Also in the photo are such luminaries as Michael A. Stackpole, NYT bestselling author, who won for his podcast about writing, The Secrets; Patrick McLean, for his podcast The Seanachai, who won two Parsecs; Stephen Euin Cobb, who won for his podcast, The Future and You; Kevin Bachelder, who won for The Scapecast. How cool is that?

A full list can be seen at

Failed Cities Monologues 14: Fera

Fera and her brother have murdered, maimed, and massacred on every continent across the globe, but it’s the hard, ugly lessons she learned as a girl that command Fera’s pathology. When her intended victim for the night is snatched away by a resourceful pit fighter, it sparks a recall that can only lead to blood.

Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Maia “KnitWitch” Whitaker
KnitWitch Zone:
Evan Tate:
Spherical copyright 2006 Evan Tate

Variant Frequencies and The Failed Cities Monologues
Copyright 2006 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace
September 2006


Life on the very edge of the solar system is a bleak nightmare, punctuated only by the blissful euphoria afforded by the drug, trace. Andi is a trace addict. Trace is Andi’s only escape from his crushing life. But a new drug is taking hold of Andi. Cell is strong, addictive and, above all else, the cell is being hunted.

Written by Darren Reid
Narrated by Rick Stringer

Variant Frequencies (c)2006 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace
Cell (c)2006 Darren Reid
September 2006

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