Failed Cities Monologues 08: The Maven

When fevered streets reach their boiling point, you bring in a mediator. When it’s looking like back alley war, you need a maven. Tonight was already going to be his toughest mediation yet. Then his throat got put on the bargaining table…

Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Jan Dalton

Copyright 2006 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace
May 2006

Parsec Awards

The first annual Parsec Awards, honoring excellence in podcasting, will be presented at this year’s Dragoncon, to be held in Atlanta in September. Nominations are currently being accepted at The Parsec Awards.

Categories include:
• Best Speculative Fiction Story, Short Form (Pick your favorite Variant Frequencies short!)
• Best Speculative Fiction Story, Long Form (May we suggest The Failed Cities Monologues?)
• Best Audio Production (We think Variant Frequencies sounds pretty good!)

So go to
Register there so you can nominate your favorite podcast. (Variant Frequencies!)

Failed Cities Monologues 07: d’Anger

In the Failed Cities, being beautiful can make you a victim. Being beautiful and smart can make you dangerous.

d’Anger has a flawless form, a Botticelli face…and an IQ of 175…

Written by Matt Wallace
Narrated by Stacey Griffith

Copyright 2006 Rick Stringer and Matt Wallace
April 2006

Dead of Night

Every night I strolled the same path, looking for him. The nights were getting colder. Even in the short time I was out, my fingers were aching from it, and I worried that he was frozen somewhere. I didn’t know where to begin to look…

Written by Anne Stringer
Narrated by Heidi Jones
Music performed by Neil Stringer
Music composed by Greg Seaman

Copyright 2006 Rick Stringer and Anne Stringer
May 2006

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